За организаторите

Our vision is to develop science, research and applied work through good ideas, adequate resources and activities that develop the academic staff and allow young people to learn ahead of schedule in the real economic environment. Improving the quality of education and teaching for students and PhD students will ensure the construction of a sustainable and efficient infrastructure for the benefit of the people.

Creating a stable relationship administration - science - business, in which science has a balancing role, the role of an independent, categorical and accurate arbiter and consultant. We believe that science, given its genesis and specificity has the potential to lead society to development, which guarantees sustainability and prosperity, promises a future in the professional careers of young architects, engineers, teachers - scientists.

One of the main objectives of the forum is to support the creation of Strategy for complete development of transport infrastructure in Bulgaria and relations with neighbouring countries. Among the tasks, which are set are:

- "Support the process of upgrading and developing of the existing transport infrastructure in Republic of Bulgaria and the appropriate connections with neighbouring countries.

- Assistance for regular and accesible stream of information and the exchange beteween interested organizations, engaged with the problems of transport infrastructure.

- Assistance to educational institutions for student's program and methods adaptation with contemporary trends in transport infrastructure.

- Provides position with important decisions of the forum, which could be delivered to quilified institutions and the society

Faculty of transport engeneering was created at May 1987, because the need to preparation of qualified experts in transport engeneering. It includes five departments, teaching students in specail subjects from the faculty and  студенти по специалностите на факултета и по важни общообразователни и инженерни дисциплини, а именно – катедра “Пътища и транспортни съоръжения”, катедра “Железници”, катедра “Геотехника”, катедра “Математика” и катедра “Обществени науки”.

Faculty prepare student-masters with five years of education in three specializations - "Roads construction", "Railroads construction" and "Construction of transport installations"

Trakia University provides high quality higher education for professional careers in the field of human and veterinary medicine, pedagogy, engineering and technology, agriculture, economics, ecology and environmental protection, in order to professionally and personally develop the specialists necessary for the economic and spiritual prosperity of country and region.For its implementation, 

The mission determines the educational policy of the University, focused on the needs of the society on a regional and national scale.

Trakia University is guided by strategic guidelines, towards which it orients its overall activity.